Photo: Audrey  Cooper

Audrey Cooper

Associate Director of the UNM Evaluation Lab


Audrey Cooper is the Associate Director of the Evaluation Lab. Audrey is a Registered Nurse with a Master's in Public Health from UNM concentrating in Systems, Services, and Policy. She has over a decade of non-profit health care experience in clinical quality, evaluation, heath policy, and health center management. Audrey's evaluation interests center on cultivating joy in the professional setting, identifying what really matters, using evaluation to create and inform policy, and practicing justice in all settings. 

Photo: Claudia Diaz Fuentes

Claudia Díaz Fuentes

Director of the Evaluation Lab

Claudia Díaz-Fuentes received her PhD from the Pardee RAND Graduate School and is an Assistant Professor for the College of Population Health. Her research focused on inter-vivos transfers, particularly in evaluating the motives associated to permanency of financial transfers and their role in old age income security. Her health research has focused on utilization and access to care among Spanish-speaking Hispanics in the United States. In particular, her interests include the role of the demand for screening and treatment of several prevalent conditions among Hispanics, such as mental health illnesses, breast cancer and musculoskeletal and respiratory illnesses, and the long-term impact of these conditions on income security. Claudia started teaching introductory economics and intermediate microeconomics in her home country (El Salvador), where she also recently taught time series econometrics. Her teaching interests also include health, development and labor economics.
Photo: Kevin Estes

Kevin Estes

Team Lead

Dr. Estes is an Research Assistant Professor at the UNM Prevention Research Center. He is an applied microeconomist interested in the intersection of labor, education, and health. His research has included analyses of public policies from early childhood to post-secondary education. He completed his bachelors of business administration in finance at New Mexico State University and his doctoral studies in economics at the University of New Mexico.
Photo: Charla Orozco

Charla Orozco

Summer Institute Instructor


Charla Orozco is currently employed as an Institutional Researcher in the Office of Institutional Analytics at the University of New Mexico. She is also the Director for the monthly Evaluation Lab ECHO Learning Community. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Literature and Business Administration, earned through Roanoke College in May 2014. She is also a graduate of UNM with a Master’s in Latin American Studies (class of 2016), and she’s working on a Master’s in Cybersecurity and Business Analytics now through UNM’s Anderson School of Management. Charla began working with the Evaluation Lab as a graduate student and fellow in 2015. She’s worn several hats in the Evaluation Lab since then and enjoys getting to know new community organizations each year. When she’s not working, Charla enjoys spending time outdoors with her son Ezra, her husband Adrian, and her two dogs Lola and Romeo.

Photo: Emma Tomingas-Hatch

Emma Tomingas-Hatch

Unit Administrator


Emma Tomingas-Hatch is the Unit Administrator for the Evaluation Lab, the Master of Public Policy, and the Race & Social Justice Certificate program. She has a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of New Mexico and an M.A. in Folklore from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Photo: Camille Velarde

Camille Velarde

Team Lead


Camille Velarde is a dedicated researcher and advocate driving community-engaged prevention research and evaluation at the UNM Prevention Research Center since 2021. With a sharp focus on priority populations in New Mexico, including Native Americans, Native Hispanics, and Latinx immigrants, Camille's work exemplifies her commitment to health equity and social change.

Drawing from experience in research and program evaluation, Camille is versed at every stage of the process, from study recruitment and data collection to analysis and reporting. Her experience in participatory action research, combined with her proficiency in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches, positions her as a versatile and resourceful contributor to projects aimed at positive societal impact.

Camille's dedication to health communication is evident in her insightful exploration of historical community trauma, the dynamics of social media for health campaigns, mental health narratives in digital media, and the strategic use of humor in mental health messages. Her collaborations with various NGO’s and Healthcare Entities, underscores her hands-on experience in translating research findings into actionable solutions.

Camille Velarde's passion for transformative research, coupled with her collaborative ability and practical experience, make her an advocate for advancing health equity and creating lasting positive change within diverse communities.