Work with a Student Evaluation Team

Each participating organization signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Evaluation Lab.  The MOU commits students and researchers from the Evaluation Lab and one or more staff members from the organization to work together over the course of the school year to conduct evaluation activities that meet the organization’s needs.  Evaluation activities might include detailed needs assessments, focus groups and interviews with staff and clients, analysis of client data, and adaptation or design of data collection instruments that can track client progress.   Students are supported by classroom instruction and supervised by UNM researchers to perform systematic and rigorous analysis of the qualitative and quantitative data that result from these activities.  Organizations receive reports that document the results of the evaluation and made recommendations for program refinements and next steps for continuing to develop evaluation capacity.

Organizations participate on an Advisory Council that meets twice during the year to guide the Evaluation Lab.

A workshop in April provides a forum for sharing ideas and developing evaluation skills and savvy.

Participating organizations have access to a help desk during the Summer.  Help desk staff are available for conducting observations, tracking down secondary data, analyzing data provided by the organization and other ad hoc activities.

What does it cost to join?

The fee for the year (August-July) is $3,500.

How do I sign up?

Start the process by emailing the Director, Claudia Diaz-Fuentes,  She will be in touch to set up a phone conversation or meeting to explore whether the Evaluation Lab can benefit your organization.