Is the Evaluation Lab Right for Me?

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I want to...

...demonstrate the value of my organization to others.

You interact with your clients every day and you can see how your program supports and empowers them. The Evaluation Lab can conduct client interviews and focus groups that document what your program means to your clients. We can also help you track indicators that measure the outcomes that you and your clients care about.

...test my organization's effectiveness.

Over the years, you have developed a home-grown program. Your funders are asking for evidence of effectiveness. The Evaluation Lab can validate your program’s logic model, assess how your day-to-day operations match your model, and help you track client outcomes.

...track client progress.

Maybe you collect lots of data to meet program requirements or for billing purposes. The Evaluation Lab can help you adapt your current data systems to help you track client progress. We can transform the data you already have into compelling visualizations that tell your organization’s story. evaluation capacity.

The Evaluation Lab can help you develop the staff and organizational capacity to monitor your program outcomes in an ongoing and sustainable way. Imagine having an ongoing evaluation plan that gives you the ability to report client progress and outcomes to staff, board members, funders and the clients themselves. Think of how the data from that plan can inform program decisions, staff training and innovation of your program.

...assess the strengths and needs of my target communities.

The Evaluation Lab assembles data from official sources and by canvassing neighborhoods to provide accurate and accessible visualizations of community strengths and needs.