Claudia Díaz Fuentes

Photo: Claudia Diaz Fuentes

Team Lead and Summer Institute Facilitator


Claudia Díaz-Fuentes received her PhD from the Pardee RAND Graduate School and is an Assistant Professor for the College of Population Health. Her research focused on inter-vivos transfers, particularly in evaluating the motives associated to permanency of financial transfers and their role in old age income security. Her health research has focused on utilization and access to care among Spanish-speaking Hispanics in the United States. In particular, her interests include the role of the demand for screening and treatment of several prevalent conditions among Hispanics, such as mental health illnesses, breast cancer and musculoskeletal and respiratory illnesses, and the long-term impact of these conditions on income security. Claudia started teaching introductory economics and intermediate microeconomics in her home country (El Salvador), where she also recently taught time series econometrics. Her teaching interests also include health, development and labor economics.