Camille Velarde

Photo: Camille Velarde

Team Lead


Camille Velarde is a dedicated researcher and advocate driving community-engaged prevention research and evaluation at the UNM Prevention Research Center since 2021. With a sharp focus on priority populations in New Mexico, including Native Americans, Native Hispanics, and Latinx immigrants, Camille's work exemplifies her commitment to health equity and social change.

Drawing from experience in research and program evaluation, Camille is versed at every stage of the process, from study recruitment and data collection to analysis and reporting. Her experience in participatory action research, combined with her proficiency in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches, positions her as a versatile and resourceful contributor to projects aimed at positive societal impact.

Camille's dedication to health communication is evident in her insightful exploration of historical community trauma, the dynamics of social media for health campaigns, mental health narratives in digital media, and the strategic use of humor in mental health messages. Her collaborations with various NGO’s and Healthcare Entities, underscores her hands-on experience in translating research findings into actionable solutions.

Camille Velarde's passion for transformative research, coupled with her collaborative ability and practical experience, make her an advocate for advancing health equity and creating lasting positive change within diverse communities.