Kevin Estes

Photo: Kevin Estes

PhD in Economics



Kevin is a fourth generation New Mexican from Melrose, New Mexico and is in the Department of Economics Doctoral Program.  His heritage is rooted in agriculture; each of the three previous generations of his family farmed and ranched in the same area near Melrose for over 100 years now.  Kevin graduated from Melrose High School in 2009 and then received his bachelor’s degree in finance from New Mexico State University in 2013.
After graduation from NMSU, Kevin and his wife moved to Albuquerque where she completed the physical therapy doctoral program here at UNM. While she attended school, Kevin was employed in the telecommunications industry as a project analyst. His duties included managing multimillion dollar budgets for two states, forecasting future revenue and costs, analyzing each individual projects’ expenses and revenues, and providing research and advice to directors within his former company.  Kevin's future aspirations are to become a professor of economics here in the state and research rural economies (development, growth, etc.).  He would love to become an authority on the New Mexican economy someday and have the chance to work with legislators to improve the future of our state.