Jake Mullery

Photo: Jake Mullery

Master of Public Administration



Jake Mullery was first called to serve at a very young age. Like many young boys he played army-man in the parks and backyards of Bradenton, Florida. But this childhood roleplaying was more than imagination, because he knew that one day he would join the United States Marine Corps. After what seemed like a short four years, and two deployments to Afghanistan as a combat engineer, the call to service continued to echo in Jake’s head.

Unsure how to best apply his time and efforts he attempted to start a nonprofit organization with some friends and family that sought to address homlessness with little success. This journey landed him in Tijeras, New Mexico where he became acquainted with the University of New Mexico, their MPA program, and the arts culture that makes the land of enchantment so fulfilling.

Over the last three years he has spent time with the theater troupe Artrageous and volunteered with their nonprofit Artrageous Artreach. Jake believes that by improving arts programs, such as the one he supports now, the lack of community that has been experienced due to the pandemic will begin a process of healing. Program evaluation is an invaluable key to assisting in the process of personal and societal improvement and Jake is grateful to offer these skills to his community.