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2019 Evaluation Lab Workshop (Coming April 12, registration opens in February)

The Evaluation Lab hosts a half-day workshop every Spring where community organization leaders, and UNM students, faculty, and policy center researchers come together to share ideas, experiences and knowledge. The Workshop highlights innovative evaluation activities happening at member organizations and promotes evaluation practices that help organizations achieve their goals.

Check out the 2018 Workshop Materials:

Download our flyer (PDF)
Download the 2018 Workshop agenda (PDF)
Check out Sonia and Melissa's presentation on Measuring What Matters, and take a look at the handouts below: Learn about Interactive Focus Groups with Charla Henley and take a look the example protocol. (PDFs)
Check out the 2018 Workshop Posters and see the 2018 Workshop photos.

Check out the 2017 Workshop Materials:

Download the flyer (PDF)
Download the 2017 Workshop agenda (PDF)
Check out Melissa Binder's presentation and handout on DIY Evaluations, and notes from the DIY Evaluation panel (PDFs)
Read through Juliann Salinas' presentation on choosing a database and notes from the Data Systems for Evaluation panel (PDFs)
Explore Ana Lopez's presentation on Enlace Comunitario's Relaciones Saludables (PDF)
See the 2017 evaluation posters.
Take a look at photos of the 2017 Workshop.

Check out the 2016 Workshop Materials:

Download the 2016 flyer (PDF)
Download the 2016 Workshop agenda (PDF)
Check out the 2016 evaluation posters.
Take a look at photos of the 2016 Workshop.