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Evaluation Lab Fellowship Information

New Mexico Evaluation Lab Fellowship

2017-2018 Academic Year

Applications will be processed as they are received. 

For best consideration, apply by Monday, April 24, 2017.

  • Gain practical experience in your field.
  • Earn 6 upper-division graduate credits in public policy, economics, sociology or political science over two semesters.  (Students from related fields are welcome and suggestions for cross-listing courses in other departments also welcome!)
  • Learn program evaluation skills, including collaborative and culturally competent problem-solving, quantitative and qualitative methods, robust data analysis, and creative ways of communicating information through the visual display of data. 
  • Develop new data collection instruments and data analysis tools that will help organizations build capacity in program evaluation.
  • Create effective evaluation plans and processes in conjunction with community organizations.
  • Earn a stipend of $500 in each semester of the two-semester sequence.

Who is eligible?  Graduate students in any department may apply.  Students must have completed at least one statistics course or social sciences methods course with a grade of B or higher.  Students must register for two courses (described below) in the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters, respectively. The Fall course will be offered on Mondays 1:20-3:50pm. 

What is the Evaluation Lab? The Evaluation Lab serves the dual purpose of training students in applied research and providing high quality program evaluation services to community organizations that serve vulnerable families in New Mexico.  The idea is to harness the rigorous analytical and quantitative skills of academia to serve the public good.  Go to for more information.

What does the fellowship involve?  Fellows take two courses: Evaluation Lab I in the Fall and Evaluation Lab II in the Spring.  Evaluation Lab I emphasizes collaborative and culturally competent problem-solving, robust data analysis, and creative ways of communicating technical information.  Student teams partner with non-profit community organizations, and class assignments are tailored to meet organization needs.  A faculty member or a research scientist from one of UNM’s policy centers will mentor the student teams. 

Evaluation Lab II, offered in the Spring semester, is a 3-credit practicum for which students will implement the evaluation projects they started in Evaluation Lab I, under the supervision of their team mentor. 

Fellows are expected to complete both courses.

Is the fellowship paid?  Fellows receive a modest stipend of $500 per semester, for a total of $1,000.

How many fellowships will be offered?  We will accept up to 12 students.

Who is the ideal candidate?  There is no one ideal candidate.  We are looking for talented and hardworking students with a passion for undertaking applied research in the service of the community.  Familiarity with New Mexico is a plus, so if you grew up here or have other ties to the community, let us know!  Dedication to New Mexico is also a plus, so if you wish to continue to live in New Mexico after graduation, let us know!   First generation students and students belonging to historically disadvantaged racial or ethnic minority groups are encouraged to apply.

How do I apply?  Send the following documents in Word or pdf format (pdf preferred) to Dr. Melissa Binder at

            ___  Cover letter detailing your interest in the fellowship

            ___  Resume

            ___  Application (See below.)

            ___  Your UNM transcript (or permission for us to access it)

            ___  Writing Sample

            ___  Recommendation from a professor

What happens next?  You will be notified within one week of submitting your application if you have been selected for the next step, which is an interview.     

Have questions?  Contact Dr. Binder at or 505-277-3548.

Become an Evaluation Lab Fellow!