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Photo: Ranjavola Andriamanana

Ranjavola Adriamanana

Ranja Andriamanana is an undergraduate student at UNM majoring in Economics and Political Science.  She was born in Madagascar and moved to the United States in the eighth grade. She plans to pursue a Master’s degree in fields that relate to diplomacy and foreign policy. She wishes to return to her home country after her studies, and work for the Malagasy government. Her mission in life is to improve the living conditions of the people of Madagascar in whatever way she can. For the Evaluation Lab, Ranja is excited to be working with Las Cumbres Community Services.

Photo: Ozlem  Barin

Ozlem Barin


Photo: Jared Clay

Jared Clay

Jared Clay is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science. His primary fields of study are American Politics and Public Policy. Jared’s recent research focus has been on the influences of money in politics, more specifically, campaign funding and political polarization. Before coming to UNM, he received an M.A. in Political Science from the University of South Dakota and a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Nebraska – Kearney. In his work with the Evaluation lab, Jared is partnered with Las Cumbres Community Services. 

Photo: Amy  Hawkins

Amy Hawkins


Photo: Freidyn  Jarrett

Frejdyn Jarrett


Frejdyn received his B.S. Business Economics from Indiana University. He is currently in the M.Sc. Water Resources Program at UNM. Frejdyn enjoys teaching and learning, and his greatest passion is building useful models.  Frejdyn is devoted to his daughter, LiLu Kaia, and loves writing and performing music and comedy, (re)building cars and playing/building games ("they're just models, after all"). Frejdyn is currently working with PB&J (and enjoying every minute of it). He hopes to make the world a better place through the construction, interpretation and dissemination of well-defined and easily applied models and games.

Photo: Tara Kane Prendergast

Tara Kane Prendergast

MA Community and Regional Planning

Tara Kane Prendergast received her BA in History from Brown University. Tara is a second year Master's student in the Community and Regional Planning (CRP) Program where she focuses on community development. She was attracted to the CRP program at UNM because of the opportunity it offers to work with indigenous communities and methodologies. Tara's research interests revolve around poverty, inequality, resilience, and climate justice. In her work with the Evaluation Lab, Tara is currently partnered with Breath of My Heart Birthplace. After UNM, she plans to work in public policy for a few years before pursuing a doctorate in Sociology. 
Photo: Gavin Leach

Gavin Leach

PhD Organizational Information and Learning Sciences (OILS)

Gavin Leach grew up in New Mexico and considers himself a Lobo for life, having earned all of his degrees from the University of New Mexico (MA in Organizational Communication). His research interests include instructional design for teaching millenials, quality of life factors for young professionals and academic community engagement with non-profit organizations. As an Evaluation Lab Fellow Gavin is working with CLNKids.
Photo: Sofia  Locklear

Sofia Locklear

PhD Sociology

Sofia Locklear is a PhD student in the Sociology Department at the University of New Mexico. Originally from Seattle, WA, she received her BA in Sociology from Seattle University. Sofia's work is centered around race, gender and sexuality, intersectionality, and social justice. As an Evaluation Lab fellow she is currently working with New Day Youth and Family Services.
Photo: Alexandria Lyons

Alexandria Lyons

BA Economics and Political Science

Alexandria Lyons is a current undergraduate pursuing her bachelors in Economics and Political Science. She is a proud native New Mexican from Los Lunas. Alexandria plans on continuing her education by applying for her Masters degree this Fall 2016. She is currently working with the organization New Day whose focus is on making positive impacts on the lives of at-risk youth. Outside of the Evaluation Lab, Alexandria is an intern with the SouthWest Organizing Project where she primarily supports the group’s “Project Feed the Hood” campaign that fights to combat food deserts and other food justice issues here in Albuquerque. Alexandria’s hopes for the future are to continue contributing to efforts that help improve the well-being of New Mexican families.
Photo: Cheyenne Trujillo

Cheyenne Trujillo


Photo: Hayley Tvede

Hayley Tvede


Photo: Jaen Emmanuel Ugalde Becerra

Jaen Emmanuel Ugalde Becerra


Photo: Alejandra Villalobos Melendez

Alejandra Villalobos Melendez



Photo: Onesimus (Abdul) Al-Amin

Onesimus (Abdul) Al-Amin

BA Family Studies and Sociology


Onesimus Al-Amin is currently a PhD student in the Human Development and Family Studies Department of the University of Delaware. Originally from Clearwater, Florida, Onesimus graduated cum laude with his BA in Family Studies and Sociology from UNM. Onesimus is a McNair Scholar with an interest in the impact of fatherhood involvement on interrupting the pre-school-to-prison pipeline. During his Evaluation Lab Fellowship he worked with La Red del Rio Abajo.

Eleanor Anderson

PhD in Political Science


Michael Ayala Ayala

PhD in Latin American Studies

Michael is an Engineer in Agricultural Sciences from the Universidad Central del Ecuador with concentrations in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. He received his MA in Environmental Education for Sustainability from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, and his Higher Education Diploma in Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Social Development Projects from La Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales FLACSO in Quito, Ecuador. Michael has been part of the Evaluation Lab since August 2015 and now he is a Senior Fellow, and works as the help desk, connecting the needs of community organizations that are members of the Evaluation Lab. Michael is pursuing his PhD with concentrations in Geography and Environmental Studies and Community and Regional Planning. His focus is on participatory watershed management. "I strongly believe that public engagement and community participation is the right approach to watershed management."

Matthew Crockett

BA in Economics

Matthew Crockett is currently pursuing a double major in Economics and Psychology with plans to graduate in December 2016 and plan to enroll in a doctoral program in Economics starting in the Fall of 2017. In the first iteration of the Evaluation Lab, Matthew worked with Eric Griego and Ranjana Damle at CLNKids. He has returned as a senior fellow for the 2016-2017 Evaluation Lab with the hopes of refining last year’s work and addressing questions raised in the first iteration of the Evaluation Lab.

Nicole Gayer

MA in Political Science


Eric G. Griego

PhD in Political Science


Charla Henley

MA in Latin American Studies


Charla Henley is currently employed through the Global Education Office at the University of New Mexico, where she specializes in Study Abroad in Central and South America.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Literature and Business Administration, earned through Roanoke College in May 2014.  She is also a recent graduate of UNM with a Master’s in Latin American Studies as of May 2016.  During her first year with the UNM Evaluation Lab, she worked with Enlace Comunitario to evaluate their Youth Leader program through a fun and interactive focus group, paired with other supplemental evaluation activities. This year, she serves as a Senior Fellow, continuing to work with Enlace Comunitario, but evaluating a different preventative program.

Derek Kuit

BA in Psychology and Sociology


Derek Kuit is in the process of earning his MA in Educational Psychology at UNM and hopes to pursue a doctorate in the same field. Derek's research interests center on promoting prosocial behaviors in students through education and currriculum. Derek currently works as a Research Assistant for Mission: Graduate and the Center for Education Policy Research at UNM. As a Fellow of the Evaluation Lab Derek worked with PB&J Family Services

Lucas Pedraza

MA in Community and Regional Planning